Angle with Attitude

17.4% of children starting school each year that do not speak English.

Work with us to provide children with the best start to school.

When launching the Children’s Picture Book “My Brother Came in a Train” a fascinating thing happened. A course curator purchased one book for teaching English to Chinese pre students (3 to 5years). Another book was purchased by a German Primary Teacher to us to teach English to German students.

The book is being purchased for teaching English got us thinking, what if I could have the book translated into a variety of languages but Bilingual? The top none-English languages spoken by children are Arabic, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Hindi, Cantonese, Greek, Italian, Spanish.

Then an article came across our desk about how many indigenous children’s first books is in English and not in their native tongue plus there was a radio program on ABC that highlighted how the indigenous teachers could not get rights to translate “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”, which sadden our heart.

Unfortunately, Australian schools are broadly delivered monolinguistic English format which leads to educational difficulties for children that do not speak English. Majority of these non-proficient English children are from the disadvantaged sector of Australia

We are embarking on a journey to have “My brother Came in a Train” book and many others translated into bilingual books to help children transition into school.

I am thrilled to announce that Publishers Ingramspark is will be helping with this venture.